Meet Kristi

Psychic / Medium / Reiki Master / Author

Kristi Pederson is a psychic medium and Reiki Master in Omaha, NE who has been intuitive since childhood but only decided to go public with her gifts in 2014. Since then, she has studied with Internationally known Psychic mediums John Edward, James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams to develop her gifts even more.

She is also a published author of two books “An Extraordinary Life” published in 2010 and “We Are Not Alone…my extraterrestrial contact” published in 2019. She has been a guest on the Sound Bliss podcast from Switzerland and will be featured in a documentary titled “Contactee” which began filming in February 2020.

Kristi believes in compassionately sharing her gift with others in an effort to help people heal, grow and stand in their own powerful light.  

Kristi has bee speaking publicly for more than 30 years. To find out more about Kristi books and public speaking engagements, please visit

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