Transchanneling with Ramadear

What began as a practice in automatic writing quickly turned into something bigger – much bigger – than the few sentences I was expecting to write. An entity named Ramadear started channeling the most amazing messages through me. I asked if he was a spirit guide of mine and he quickly responded that he is a spirit guide of our planet. I was to ask questions and Ramadear would answer in a way that I and the modern human could understand.

Ramadear is the voice of a collective which is a group of spirit beings. He told me that he would be the voice of the collective, but the information would be coming from many of the members. They channel messages based on the Law of One, which is understanding why we are here on planet earth; how and why we want our souls to evolve and how to be of service to others rather than in service to self.

The questions I asked ended up being our book, Messages from Ramadear, a collective hope for humanity. Towards the end of writing the book Ramadear explained to me that it was slow and cumbersome for him to give me the information and then wait for me to write or type his answers. He said that once the book was published, I would begin to transchannel. I certainly knew what transchanneling was but had no idea how to begin with him or if I could even do it. Day by day he explained to me how transchanneling works, how he would enter my body, and how he would introduce himself to others.

It began with me inviting about 4 people to my living room for practice. Ramadear did not disappoint. The hard part was me learning how to step aside and trust that he would deliver those messages of hope that he promised in the book. With each session our bond gets stronger, and my trust grows until now we have worked together across the country delivering those beautiful messages of hope for humanity. In each session Ramadear invites attendees to ask questions too. Your questions can be personal, global, or galactic – he answers them all.


If you are interested in booking a group session with Ramadear you can contact Kristi at or text to 402-968-7855.

Let’s all work with Ramadear to help ourselves grow and our planet heal.



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