February Newsletter 2020

January 31 – Next Millennium Bookstore. I’ll be doing 15-minute readings for $25 from 3-7. This is first come – first serve so come on down early!

February 3rd – Leather and Lace will be doing their next FaceBook live event from 4:30 to 5. Join us, won’t you?

February 11th – Leather and Lace will be working with to the T Solutions and doing an audience reading at Soul Works Center from 7 to 9pm. Soul Works is located at 7586 S. 84th Street. Just go to the events page at Leather and Lace on FaceBook to purchase your tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

February 20th – I’ll be at Next Millennium Bookstore doing 15 minute psychic readings from 3-7. $25

February 21st – Leather and Lace will be in Grand Island, Nebraska doing an audience reading. This is the night before the ZenFest expo. Go to the events page on FaceBook for Leather and Lace to purchase your tickets.

February 22nd – ZenFest expo! This fantastic event will be held at the Full Circle Venue (Boarders Inn and Suites, 3333 Ramada Road) This event is from 9-6. I will be doing 15,30, or 60-minute readings for $30 each 15 minutes. You can also reserve your spot in advance! Just email me at kristipederson@cox.net

February 27-29th – I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for several events! Thursday the 27th will be an audience reading at Felix and Oscars restaurant from 6:30 to 8:30. This event is only $10 per person!!!! Make your reservations by calling 515 778 9618.

On the 28th and 29th I’ll be doing private one-hour readings at Whispers, at 1700-1702 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines. Call 515 288 1366 to reserve your private session.

The evening of the 28th I’ll be doing a small audience reading at Whispers where everyone is guaranteed to get read. Call 515 288 1366 to save your spot.

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