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A question I ask my spirit guides every so often is, “What is the next thing I need to do to take my gifts to the next level?” I ask this question at the completion of some big project or class I’ve taken.  Always wanting to improve, I trust my guides will lead me in the right direction. So, far they’ve never failed me (although I do accuse them of drinking quite often.)

See if this question is appropriate for you?  Maybe you want to refine it a bit to something like this, “What is the next think I need to do to take my life to the next level?” Spirit will never let you down you just need to be open to the signs they send you! Those signs appear on billboards, license plates, television, even on Facebook! That’s where my last message came from. I asked my guides the question of how to take my gifts to the next level and within a week, there on FaceBook were two classes being offered through one of my favorite mediums, Lisa Williams. I’m now taking Advanced Mediumship and Psychic Investigator. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! I’m having a blast and learning all kinds of new techniques as well as getting validation that much of what I’m doing is right. How cool is that?

You can do the same thing with your life, your dreams, your gifts. It’s all up to you. Ask and it shall be given. Now get busy asking!

This is where I usually post the calendar of what’s coming up for the next month. Well, with Covid still affecting us, I’m not posting anything such as expos or private events because none of us know whether they’ll be happening or not. 

I will say that my office is open for Reiki appointments as well as psychic medium readings. Just email or text 402 968 7855 to set up your appointment. If you feel more comfortable with Zoom, I’m still scheduling zoom appointments too. Let’s work together to take your life to the next level too!

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